Danny was only a few months old, and I had just had him dedicated to God at our local Nazarene Church in Kenner, La. That is where we were living at the time, and where we went to church. I was very, very sincere in dedicating him to God. I knew exactly what I was doing, and wanted this done by all means. I knew that I was saying very simply to God, "you have only loaned this precious baby to me, and now I am giving him back to you, in obedience to your word. I want him to belong to you, not to me. I want your will above all things, in his life now and forever." This was my committment to God, and as I said, was meant with all my heart and soul.

Well, about a week or two after that, Danny became very ill. I lived in the doctors office almost daily, and hard to believe, but they could not find out what on earth was wrong with him. They ran test after test and nothing. He was constantly running an excessively high fever, wouldn't eat or even take a bottle, and couldn't keep anything down anyway. We could not break his fever in nothing we tried to do. We gave him ice water enemas, medicine, everything and nothing changed. He was getting weaker and weaker daily. I wonder to this day, why the doctor didn't put him in the hospital, but didn't for whatever reason. He was becoming white as a ghost, hardly no movement at all, just would lie there still and no sound, running an awfully high fever and just literaly dieing. He was apparently hurting someplace, but nothing could be found. NOTHING!!! It reached the point where I couldn't even lay him down in the bed, as he would sound this very weak little cry of a wounded animal. So, for three days and nights, I sat up in the recliner with him, holding him. Everyone else of course would go to bed and go to sleep, and I would try to get a little sleep in the chair, but afraid to do much, afraid he would die on me. I called my Mom one morning and was talking to her about all this, and her words to me were, "honey, you know what you have to do, and that is your only hope". I knew exactly what she was telling me, that I would have to go ahead and tell God that he could have him if he wanted him. I had, had this baby dedicated to God, and was very sincere, but I just wasn't ready to give him up. Danny had come to us late in life. I was 37 and Joe was 38 or 39. I loved and needed this baby so much, I just couldn't imagine that God would take him from me so soon, anyway. I told my sweet little Mom, "NO!!! I cannot do it, I cannot. If I say yes to God and he takes him, then I won't mean it, and he will be gone and that will be the end of my baby. I cannot do this Mom!!" Her answer to me was, "you gave him to God, and if he wants him, you must let him go, no matter what the pain. God understands all of that and will provide for you, but you must tell him that he can have him anyway." NO! I COULD NOT DO IT, NO!!!! Well, then there was a couple more days and nights to go through, and I honestly believed that my precious little baby that God had been so good to send to us, was dieing in my arms, and I just couldn't understand why the loving, merciful God that I served would do this to me. Of course, he was getting worse and worse. Everytime I would take just a slight deep breath, he would grown in pain, just from every movement of my body. I could not move him without knowing that I was hurting him.

Suddenly one night while sitting there in this dark livingroom, with only a small night light, and looking at this beautiful, blonde haired angel in my arms and having so much love for him, that was impossible to explain, I suddenly heard, (now mind you, not seen nor touched, but heard) this soft voice from behind me, saying to me "where is your faith in me now?" It absolutely hit me like a bomb. I knew, that I knew, that I knew this was without any doubt, the voice of God. I of course began to sob uncontrolably,knowing exactly what I had to do, or my precious baby was going to die anyway, so I had to do what I had to do. I finally got control of myself and without any hesitation, lifted that small, very weak, pale little body up toward heaven, and crying, said to God, "Lord you gave or loaned this baby to us, and I have no right to hang on to him as I am doing. I just love him with such a love that only you can understand, but I beg of you, only one thing. If you must take him, just PLEASE, PLEASE take him right now, right this very moment. PLEASE Lord, don't leave him with me one minute longer, but take him right now. I cannot stand having him for a short while, just long enough for us to get so wrapped up in him, and then have you take him, so just please do it right now, if you will. I know that he is yours, not mine. Just take him Lord and please forgive my stubborness and ugliness with you on not being willing to return what belongs to you. His Dad, his sister, his brother and I love him more than our own lives, but if you need him more than we do, then just please go ahead and take him." I then brought Danny back down into my arms, and when I got him cradled back in my arms, this baby opened his little eyes and gooed at me with the most precious smile you've ever seen. Not one single drop of fever, little pink beautiful cheeks, cool ,comfortable, no pain, nothing.

I will always believe that this was a test for me. I had given him to God, and God was testing my faith, through this precious baby. The one thing that meant the most in the world to me. I will always believe that He truly would have taken Danny if I had not been honestly willing for Him to have him back. It was a test that I will never forget, but will forever be eternally grateful to God for. So now, you know the story of "MY MIRACLE DANNY BOY". He truly is, a miracle to me, and this is one reason I guess, why I am so close to him and love him so much. He has NEVER, EVER, not one single time in his short life, ever given us one reason to be upset with him for doing anything wrong or for being ugly with us, or for making us ashamed for anything. He has always, been the perfect example of the perfect child. He very definately, IS NOT PERFECT, but as far as I am concerned, he is as near perfect as a human can be. He has always given us great joy. He has always been very kind, courteous, polite and obedient in every way. NEVER, given us one moments problem and for that I am so very grateful and thankful to God for. As you can see, he is and will always be, very special to me and his Dad.

Sorry, but I just get completely carried away when I begin to talk about the miracle and miracles that God Almighty has performed for me, and I am so unworthy. I don't know nor understand why he loves me as he does, because he knows that I make so many mistakes daily, but I do know, that he does love me, unconditionally. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, FOREVER!!! Danny is now almost 23 years old, and has NEVER, been sick like this since then. PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HIS MERCY AND KINDNESS




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